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Livestream FAQ

Here we are going to add tips and suggestions on how to watch he livestream - both live and on catch up. This is a new page so we are going to add to it over time. If you are having problems with either currently please email us on

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


Catch the livestream by clicking on the links below:
You should see the livestream on this page (above) when live or afterwards - as a past live video. The livestream will also be on our normal page feed. If you follow our page you should also be notified when we go live.

If you are having any problems finding us on Facebook or Youtube try Twitch.
If you click on the above link it will take you straight to our page and the livestream will be there.
ON A PHONE: once you go to our channel page (link above) the Playtime logo should be outlined in red and say LIVE in red. Click on that and you will see the livestream.
ON A COMPUTER: Go to our channel page (link above) and click the Live tab. There you should see any current live streams (click on thumbnail)  and past live streams for catch up.


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