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Playtime Live with Harry Weir

Harry Weir is a unique saxophonist who is playing a central role in the exploding Glasgow scene as part of two pivotal bands Aku! and Strata as well as being one of the wider pool of players contributing to Liam Shortall’s corto alto.

Harry played with Playtime once before online during lockdown and it was like FIRE! but this will be his first appearance in the flesh at the Outhouse. Harry will bring a wide palette of sounds, squeals, moans, roars and effects featuring his soulful, primal, emotionally thrilling, sound that is reminiscent of sax giants like Pharaoh Sanders and David Murray.

Harry is going to play the whole set improvised with the Fab Four…. because he enjoyed it so much online. Don’t miss this important new voice on Scottish saxophone mixing it with some heavyweight old codgers!

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